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Order no. 54/2022
Regulations of awarding benefits to students of the MUB
1 Application for awarding the rector's scholarship
1.1 Scientific activity
1.2 Scientific activity from the previous academic year
1.3 Sports activity
1.5 Winners of contests
1.6 Medalist of sports competition
1a Application for awarding the rector's scholarship
2 Application to the Faculty Grant Committee for awarding benefits
3 List of documents specifying the income of the student and the student's family members
4 Student's declaration
5 Application for recalculation of income
6 Application for granting an allowance
7 Declaration on income obtained from non-agricultural business activity
8 Declaration on non-taxable income
9 Declaration for the need-based grant
10 Declaration of the amount of health insurance contributions for the previous calendar year
11 Declaration of a financially independent student